FIFA 17 Sergio Aguero Introduction

02 Aug 2016 07:47

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Sergio Aguero is FIFA gold. He's got pace, dribbling ability and fantastic finishing ability. If FIFA was real life and you could turn injuries off, Aguero could harder push Luis Suarez for the best non-Messi and non-Ronaldo forward. Last season, Aguero picked up his annual injury and was only able to make 29 Premier League starts and he scored 24 goals. By the way, is providing fifa 17 coins at cheap prices for gamers.

Imagine what he'd do if his legs would allow him to play more than 30 matches in a season?! His highest start total in the league for City was 31, his first season when he scored 23 goals.

Aguero and Silva have been City's most successful signings in the team's recent money rich history. They've exceeded their value and delivered on their fees and so much more.

In 208 appearances for City, he's scored 136 goals in all appearances. In the best league in the world Aguero has consistently one of the best players. That's been reflected in FIFA and he should be recognized by receiving an 89 in next year's edition, tying him for first.

Under Guardiola, Aguero could stand to score even more goals. Guardiolan sides hemorrhage scoring chances and Aguero feats on them. Playing above Silva, de Bruyne and, next season, Ilkay Gundogan, there'll be ample scoring opportunities. Unfortunately for Aguero, there are no true minnows in the Premier League like Suarez and Messi and Ronaldo get to devour semi-regularly in La Liga where you know they're going to win by more than five goals. In the Prem, there's no easy games to pad stats.

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