My Conclusion on FIFA 17 Gameplay

13 Aug 2016 05:51

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It’s fairly unusual for me to play a new FIFA for the first time this late in the cycle, and as some of you know I was quite worried about what might be, based on the information we’ve been shown in trailers. Thankfully the worst of those assumptions has not come to pass, and as a result FIFA 17 plays a really nice game of football but in a way that is unmistakably FIFA. What Frostbite hasn’t done, is make the game feel radically different to control as some may have assumed, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing depending on your point of view. (Just buy fifa 17 coins at with the most security delivery and professional service)

What Frostbite has done is give FIFA 17 the biggest surge in graphical fidelity I’ve seen since the jump to PS3 and Xbox 360, with a quite incredible amount of detail and pizzazz on show at each and every turn. It’s licensed to the nines and feels every bit the official product now that it's running on a more powerful, and more adept game engine.

The big question in my mind though is; is it enough? Is it enough for FIFA 17 to play a ‘nice’ and somewhat familiar game of football when PES 2017 is openly targeting more expansive ideas like Adaptive AI? I haven’t played the new PES so I’m in no position to comment on specifics, but there’s no doubt that EA have played their Frostbite transition a little safe when it comes to matters of gameplay. In the name of stability that may turn out to be a really good idea given how turbulent new engine transitions can be. I guess I'd hoped the game would feel a bit more different running on Frostbite, but it is undoubtedly the FIFA we know and love at its core.

What I will say is that if you’re an online FUT or Seasons player then FIFA 17 will represent a really solid upgrade on FIFA 16 in terms of core gameplay enjoyment. With the new physicality a real highlight for me in terms of a feature which offers near constant improvement to the way the matches play. If you’re not in that ‘online’ camp then things may feel a little too familiar in FIFA 17, albeit still much more fun and pretty to play than its predecessor.

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