FIFA 17 Perfect Goals of the Week

04 Nov 2016 03:33

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Have you scored a worldie in FIFA 17? Each week EA will select the best goals from the FIFA 17 community and broadcast them to millions of fans around the world! Let's see the perfect FIFA 17 Goals of the Week - Round 3. If you need fifa 17 coins buy, welcome to our site.

The video above shows FIFA 17 's best Goals of the Week yet - and they're out of this world.

Round one and two already blew us away with stunning efforts from the online gaming community - but they have nothing on week three.

Every goal, bar two, is a different type of volley - you've got the scorpion, the overhead and the self-setup (as well as a couple of normal volleys).

The remaining two may be on the ground, but they're equally as ridiculous.

The creative BEN FC has Paul Pogba standing over a free-kick against his former club. Shifting the world's most expensive player to the right, he uses three-quarter power to crunch the ball into the back of the net.

But LA CAPITALE's effort is arguably even better, the FIFA lover produces a filthy nutmeg with Kingsley Coman before slotting it into the far corner.

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